Origin: English

Meaning: “to heal”
diminutive of Jason, migrated to given name

Best Nicknames:
Jacee, Jaycee

Variations Sound Alikes:
Jaece, Jaice, Jaise, Jase, Jayce, Jayse

Jace TV and Movie Quotes:
“Jace thinks he needs to save the world…”
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)
“Just how lucky can we get, Jace?” Tales of the
Texas Rangers: Uranium Pete

Famous people named Jace or its variations
Jace AmaroJace FloresJace Everett

1. Jace Jordan Amaro (b. 1992), American football pro
2. Jace Flores (b. 1988), Filipino actor, TV host
born Reynaldo Chanco Flores
3. Jace Everett (b. 1972), American rockabilly singer

Jace Middle Names
Jace Braxton
Jace Keegan
Jace Lochlan
Jace Nicholas
Jace Randall

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  1. Winnie says:

    I think Jace Trevoe is cute

  2. jace pavao says:

    i am lit 12 years old and sometimes i will be funny my favorite sport is soccer

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