Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God listens”

Best Nicknames:
Ish, Ishy, Izzy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ismael, Ismail, Ysmael and Ysmail.

Ishmael TV and Movie Quotes:
“Well, let’s get started. Moby Dick. Chapter One. Call
me Ishmael…” Deep Impact (1988)
“We are the children of Ishmael, his firstborn.”
The Ten Commandments (1956)

Famous people named Ishmael or its variations

1. Ishmael Anthony Miller (b. 1987), English footballer
2. Ishmael Beah (b. 1980), Sierra Leonean author
3. Ishmael Scott Reed (b. 1938), American poet, essayist, novelist

Ishmael Middle Names
Ishmael Benjamin
Ishmael Drake
Ishmael Kenyon
Ishmael Randolph
Ishmael Tanner

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