Origin: Hungarian

Meaning: “home ruler”
variant of Emmerich

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Imray, Imri, Imrie

Imre TV and Movie Quotes:
“Good morning, Mr. Briggs. This man is Imre Rogosh,
known to us as The Monster.”
Mission Impossible: Operation Rogosh (1966)

Famous people named Imre or its variations

1. Imre Deme (b. 1983), Hungarian football player
2. Imre Szekeres (b. 1950), Hungarian politician
3. Imre Kertész (b. 1929), Hungarian author, Nobel prize winner

Imre Middle Names
Imre Benedek
Imre Ferenc
Imre István
Imre János
Imre Zoltán

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