Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “father of many”

Best Nicknames:
Ib, Ibba, Ibbs, Ibby, Ibi, Ibra, Ibs

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ebrahim, Ibraham, Ibraheem, Ibrahem, Ibrahima, Ibrohim

Ibrahim TV and Movie Quotes:
“Is Ibrahim your first name or your surname?”
Monsieur Ibrahim (2003)
“Ibrahim Pasha of Cairo at your service, Sir!”
Tosun Pasa (1976)

Famous people named Ibrahim or its variations

1. Ibrahim Afellay (b. 1986), Dutch pro footballer
2. Ibrahima Moctar Sarr (b. 1949), Mauritanian journalist, politician
3. Ibrahim Ferrer (1927-2005), Cuban singer, musician

Ibrahim Middle Names
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Khaled
Ibrahim Mehmet
Ibrahim Yusif

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