Origin: French

Meaning: “battle worthy”
French version of Harvey, pronounced “urve” with no accent,
and “ur-vay” with an accent

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Harvey, Hervey, Hoarne, Hoarve, Houarn, Houarne,
Houarneau, Houarnev, Houarno

Hervé Book Quotes:
“Old Hervé watched me narrowly as I gazed on Annäik…”
Brittany and the Bretons (1910)
“Hervé gave a slight bow of acknowledgment.”
Night Fires (2003)

Famous people named Hervé or its variations

1. Hervé Schiavetti (b. 1956), French politician
2. Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize (1943-93), French actor
3. Hervey Milton Cleckley (1903-84), American psychiatrist;
author of “The Three Faces of Eve”

Hervé Middle Names:
Hervé Antoine
Hervé Gaspard
Hervé Jules
Hervé Toussaint

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