Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “messenger”
also, German: soldier (some sources)

Best Nicknames:
Hermie, Minito

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ermes, Erminio, Hermes, Herminio, Herminius

Herminio Book Quotes:
“Aunt Elba and uncle Herminio lived in San Ignacio, not
too far from El Mamut.” Salsa on Bagel (2004)
“Herminio met him in the driveway.”
The Children of Talavera (2004)

Famous people named Herminio or its variations
Ogie AlcasidHerminio TrigoHerminio Gimenez

1. Ogie Alcasid (b. 1962), Filipino singer, actor;
born Herminio Jose Lualhati Alcasid, Jr.
2. Herminio Trigo (b. 1943), Spanish politician;
born Herminio Trigo Aguilar
3. Herminio Giménez (1905-91), Paraguayan composer

Herminio Middle Name
Herminio Ginés
Herminio Luis
Herminio Pablo
Herminio Raul

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