Origin: Old German

Meaning: “home ruler”

Best Nicknames:
Heiner, Heinz, Henning Heike, Heiko, Ric, Rick, Rik

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Arrigo, Enrico, Enrikos, Enrique, Enzio, Heindrick,
Heindrik, Heiner, Heinrick, Heinrik, Heinz, Hendrick,
Hendrik, Henerik, Henning, Henri, Henrik, Henrique,
Henry, Henryk, Heriot, Herrior, Hinrich

Heinrich TV and Movie Quotes:
“Tell me a story, Heinrich.”
Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
“Heinrich, bring me a headache pill.”
Count Duckula: In Arctic Circles (1989)

Famous people named Heinrich or its variations

1. Heinrich Schiff (b. 1951), Austrian cellist, conductor
2. Heinrich von Starhemberg, (1934–97), Swiss-born Austrian
prince, actor, writer; pseudonyms: Henry Gregor, Enrique Gregor
3. Heinrich Theodor Böll (1917-85), German author;
winner of Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972

Heinrich Middle Name
Heinrich Arndt
Heinrich Karl
Heinrich Leopold
Heinrich Otto

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