Origin: English

Meaning: “friend of God; good friend”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Godden, Godding, Godewyn, Godin, Godwinn, Godwyn,
Goodwin, Goodwyn, Goodwynn, Goodwynne, Winn, Wynn

Godwin TV and Movie Quotes:
“Thank you, Father Godwin… You are the watchdog
of my fury.” The Vikings (1958)
“We’re barely into the first act and we’ve already gone
full Godwin.” Brows Held High: Sweet Movie (2011)

Famous people named Godwin or its variations

1. Godwin Attram (b. 1980), Ghanaian footballer
2. Godwin Brumowski (1889-1936). Austro-Hungarian
fighter ace and war hero
3. Goodwin Jess Knight (1896-1970), American politician,
31st Governor of California; a.k.a. “Goodie Knight”

Godwin Middle Names
Godwin Frederick
Godwin Niles
Godwin Pierce
Godwin Sanford
Godwin Ulrich

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