Origin: various

Meaning: “various”
short form of Ambrogino (Greek), ever-living;
Eugenio (Italian), well-born, noble

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Geno, Jeno, Jino

Gino TV and Movie Quotes:
“I hate that the egg rolls at Gino Chang’s smell like lasagna.”
Everwood (2002 TV Series)
“Gino, what business would you say we were in… really?”
The Chase (1946)

Famous people named Gino or its variations

1. Gino Vannelli (b. 1952), Italian-Canadian singer, musician
2. Geno Marcellus Carlisle (b. 1976), American basketball pro
3. Gino Conforti (b. 1932), American actor

Gino Middle Names
Gino Anthony
Gino Francis
Gino Joseph
Gino Luigi
Gino Matteo

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