Origin: Greek

Meaning: “small goat”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Gil, Gilles, Gillis, Gilliss, Gyles, Jiles, Jyles.

Giles TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ah, now, now, we know for a fact that Giles was on the boat.”
Without a Clue (1988)
“Giles? You, uh, have some input you wish to share with us?”
Broken Arrow (1996)

Famous people named Giles or its variations

1. Giles Coren (b. 1969), British food critic, novelist
2. Giles Foden (b. 1967), English author
3. Gilles Simon (b. 1984), French tennis pro

Giles Middle Names
Giles Brian
Giles Harold
Giles Ian
Giles Kenneth
Giles Sebastian

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