Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “white falcon”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Gav, Gavan, Gaven, Gavino, Gavyn, Gavynn, Gawain, Gawaine,
Gawayn, Gawayne, Gawaine, Gavyn, Gwayn, Gwayne

Gavin TV and Movie Quotes:
“You better have a good excuse, Gavin.”
Rescue Me: Immortal (2004)
“What would it take to get you to help me, Gavin?”
The War of the Roses (1989)
“It’s the voodoo, Dr. Gavin. It’s the voodoo, I tells ya!”
The Horror of Party Beach (1964)

Famous people named Gavin or its variations

1. Gavin Shane DeGraw (b. 1977), American musician, singer
2. Gavin Christopher Newsom (b. 1967), American politician,
49th Governor of California
3. Gavin McGregor Rossdale (b. 1965), English musician, singer

Gavin Middle Names
Gavin Hector
Gavin Killian
Gavin Montgomery
Gavin Omar
Gavin Tristan

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    Gavy, Vinnie, Gav, Lil G, Lil Hawk

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    G money

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