Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is my reward”

Best Nicknames
Gam, Gama, Gammy, Mal

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Gamal, Gamiliel, Gamliel

Gamaliel TV and Movie Quotes:
“Do you want their blood on your hands, Gamaliel?”
Color of the Cross (2006)
“I am a student of Gamaliel.”
A.D.: The Bible ContinuesSaul’s Return (2015)

Famous people named Gamaliel or its variations
Gamiliel Munguambe

1 Gamiliel Sepúvelda João Munguambe, Mozambican diplomat
2. Gamliel Cohen (1922-2002), Syrian-born Israeli Mossad agent
3. Gamaliel Painter (1742-1819), American politician

Gamaliel Middle Names
Gamaliel Darwin
Gamaliel Hiram
Gamaliel Micah
Gamaliel Solomon

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