Origin: Latin

Meaning: “flowering; in bloom”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Flo, Flori, Floriano, Florien, Florijan, Floriyan

Florian Book Quotes:
“Florian had been in prayer.” The Pope’s Rhinoceros (2003)
“Florian never told me that he had a twin sister.” Bad Wolf (2014)

Famous people named Florian or its variations

1. Florian Mayer (b. 1983), German tennis pro
2. Florian Zeller (b. 1979), French novelist, playwright
3. Florian Pittiş (1943–2007), Romanian actor

Florian Middle Names
Florian Anton
Florian Johannes
Florian Lukas
Florian Paul
Florian Silas

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