Origin: Dutch

Meaning: “from Flanders”
originally a nickname: Vleminc

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Fleming, Flemon, Flemmyng, Flemyng

Flemming TV and Movie Quotes:
“Lieutenant, I have already told you that Dr. Flemming is a close,
personal friend of mine. Prescription Murder (1968)
“Shut up, Flemming.” Evolution (2001)

Famous people named Flemming or its variations

1. Flemming Rasmussen (b. 1968), Danish strongman
2. Flemming Christensen (b. 1958), Danish footballer
3. Flemming Hansen (b. 1939), Danish politician

Flemming Middle Names
Flemming Andreas
Flemming Christoffer
Flemming Magnus
Flemming Rasmus
Flemming Valdemar

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