Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Scottish

Meaning: “supreme virile man”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Farris, Farrish, Fearghas, Fearghus,
Ferg, Fergie, Ferguson, Fergusson

Fergus TV and Movie Quotes:
“Fergus, the Ostler. It is I, not Ravenhurst,
who is your friend.” The Court Jester (1956)
“Roland asked for another day off, Fergus. ”
Possession (2002)

Famous people named Fergus or its variations

1. Fergus Matthew Andrew Thomson (b.1983), Scottish rugby pro
2. Fergus O’Dowd (b. 1948), Irish Fine Gael politician
3. Fergus McAteer, accountant, former politician in Northern Ireland

Fergus Middle Names
Fergus Barry
Fergus Donald
Fergus Manfred
Fergus Patrick
Fergus Sean

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