Origin: Latin, French

Meaning: “one who works with the hands”

Best Nicknames:
Fab, Fabi, Rich, Richie, Rico

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Fabriano, Fabricio, Fabricius, Fabritius, Fabrizio, Fabrizius

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Fabrizio, pick this mess up this instant.
Stop complaining, Fabrice. It’s annoying.
Here’s a picture of the sandcastle Fabrizio built at the beach.

Famous people named Fabrice or its variations

1. Fabrice Vetea Santoro (b. 1972), Tahitian-born tennis player
2. Fabrizio Moretti (b. 1980), Brazilian drummer (The Strokes)
3. Fabrice Jeannet (b. 1980), Martininquais Olympic fencing

Fabrice Middle Names
Fabrice Adonis
Fabrice Etienne
Fabrice Gaston
Fabrice Jesse
Fabrice Phillipe

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