Origin: Italian

Meaning: “uncertain”
derived from the Roman name Ennius

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Enio, Enios, Ennios, Ennis, Enyu

Ennio Book Quotes:
“Ennio called for the two wise owls.”
Overton Trails (2008)
“Ennio had a joke on his mind and he got it
off at once.” The Gift (1963)

Famous people named Ennio or its variations
EninhoEnnio DorisEnnio Antonelli

1. Ênio Oliveira Júnior (b. 1981), Brazilian pro footballer
Nickname: Eninho
2. Ennio Doris (born 1940), Italian billionaire
3. Ennio Antonelli (b. 1936), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal

Ennio Middle Names
Ennio Domenic
Ennio Lorenzo
Ennio Salvatore

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