Origin: Disputed

Meaning: “the king”
claimed to be English, Spanish, Scottish;
also, variant of Leroy (French)

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Elroi, Elroye, Roy, Elrey, Ellery, Ellerey, Ellary

Elroy TV and Movie Quotes:
“Elroy, why aren’t you ready for school?”
The Jetsons (1962 TV Series)
“Elroy, don’t you mess with this ba-ba-ba-barbecue business.”
Friday After Next (2002)

Famous people named Elroy or its variations

1. Elroy Kuylen (b. 1983), Belizean football pro
2. Elroy Hirsch (1923-2004), American football pro
also known as “Crazylegs”
3. Elroy McKendree Avery (1844-1935), American politician, writer

Elroy Middle Names
Elroy Desmond
Elroy Garrick
Elroy Kingston
Elroy Omarion
Elroy Terrance

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