Origin: Old English

Meaning: “wealthy guard”

Best Nicknames
Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned, Neddie, Ted, Teddy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Edwinn, Edwyn, Edwynn

Edwin TV and Movie Quotes:
“Edwin, you forgot your money.” Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)
“I told you about these people. They’re evil, Edwin. They must be stopped.” The Fisher King (1991)
“Hand over the phone, Edwin.” Seeking Justice (2011)

Famous people named Edwin or its variations

1. Edwin Hawkins (b. 1943), American gospel singer
2. Rod Serling (1924-75), American author (creator of
“The Twilight Zone”), born Edwin Rodman Serling
3. Edwin Thomas Booth (1833-93), American actor

Edwin Middle Names
Edwin Douglas
Edwin Kellan
Edwin Lyle
Edwin Oliver
Edwin Vladimir

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