Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “stone”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ben, Eb, Eban, Ebin

Eben TV and Movie Quotes:
“How beautiful the world is, Eben!”
Portrait of Jennie (1948)
“You do not mean that, Eben.”
Desire Under the Elms (1958)

Famous people named Eben or its variations

1. Eben Etzebeth (b. 1991), South African rugby pro
2. Eban Isaac Hyams (b. 1981), Indian-Israeli-Australian
basketball pro
3. Eben Eugene Rexford (1848-1916), American poet, author,
songwriter (Songwriters Hall of Fame, 1970)

Eben Middle Names
Eben Bruce
Eben Delmar
Eben Gideon
Eben Roland
Eben Wayne

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