Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “beloved”

Best Nicknames
Dav, Dave, Davey, Davi, Davie, Dudi, Taavi

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Daavid, Dàibheid, Dáibhídh, Daoud, Daud, Daveth, Davidi, Davidas,
Davide, Davidis, Davids, Davíð, Dāvis, Davij, Davit, Davith, Davud,
Davut, Davydas, Dovydas, Dawid, Dawud, Dawyd, Taavet

David TV and Movie Quotes:
“I kept flashing in and out of consciousness, everything was really
bright and I remember thinking, ‘Wait, is David Bowie really God?'”
Criminal Minds: Penelope (2007)
“I’m not a mind reader David.” The Office: Stress Relief (2009)
“Whether it’s David fighting Goliath or the French Resistance
fighting the Nazis, the strategy is basically the same.”
Burn Notice: The Hunter (2009)

Famous people named David or its variations

1. David Boreanaz (b. 1969), American actor
2. David Michael Letterman (b. 1947), American comedian, TV host
3. David Bowie, (1947-2016), English musician, actor,
born David Robert Jones

David Middle Names
David Aloysius
David Lucius
David Royce
David Theodore
David Warren

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  1. Ab Mekal says:

    David Middle Names

    * David Richard
    * David Cornelius
    * David Alexander

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