Origin: Latin

Meaning: “curly-haired”

Best Nicknames:
Cris, Crispo, Spino, Spinzo

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Crespi, Crispen, Crispi, Crispian, Crispino

Crispin TV and Movie Quotes:
“I’ll see you tomorrow Crispin. Tomorrow!”
Daddy Day Care (2006)
“Crispin Glover, you tactical genius!”
Brows Held High: What Is It? (2012)

Famous people named Crispin or its variations

1. Crispin Freeman (b. 1972), American voice actor
2. Crispian Mills (b. 1973), English singer,
musician; born Crispian John David Boulting
3. Crispin Mbindule Mitono, (b. 1977),
Congolese politician

Crispin Middle Names
Crispin Dylan
Crispin Fletcher
Crispin James
Crispin Philip
Crispin Sylvester

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