Origin: Old French

Meaning: raven-haired
Also: a short form of Corbinian

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Corben, Corbet, Corbett, Corbie, Corbit, Corbitt,
Corby, Corbyn, Corvin, Korbin, Korbyn

Corbin TV and Movie Quotes:
“No, we’re not! Corbin’s here!”
If Looks Could Kill (1991)
“Corbin, you can’t trust a snake.”
I (2009 TV Series)

Famous people named Corbin or its variations

1. Korbin Sims (b. 1992), Fijian-Australian rugby pro
2. Corbin Michael Allred (b. 1979), American actor
3. Corbin Dean Bernsen (b. 1954), American actor

Corbin Middle Names
Corbin Geoffrey
Corbin Jonathan
Corbin Maxwell
Corbin Ralph

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