Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “blessed love”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Caerwyn, Carn, Cary, Wyn

Carwyn Book Quotes:
“Carwyn wasn’t daft.” Lions of Wales (1998)
“Carwyn came to visit me… wearing a doppelganger’s hood…”
Tell the Wind and Fire (2016)

Famous people named Carwyn or its variations
Carwyn EllisCarwyn JonesCarwyn James

1. Carwyn Meurig Ellis (b. 1973), Welsh singer
2. Carwyn Howell Jones (b. 1967), Welsh politician
3. Carwyn Rees James (1929-83), Welsh rugby union player

Carwyn Middle Names
Carwyn Alun
Carwyn Finley
Carwyn Ifan
Carwyn Oliver

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