Origin: Irish

Meaning: “from a muddy place”
surname migration

Best Nicknames
Bro, Brode

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Brodee, Broden, Brodey, Brodie, Brodin, Brodyn

Brody TV and Movie Quotes:
“How’s your comic book collection, Brodie?” Mallrats (1995)
“Brody– the Brodster. Nerdy. Emotional. Into his family and
friends. Disarmingly attractive.”
Chuck: Chuck Versus the Muuurderer (2011)

Famous people named Brody or its variations

1. Brody Roybal (b. 1998), American sledge hockey pro
2. Brody McKnight (b. 1989), Canadian football pro
3. Brodie MacDonald (b. 1989), Canadian lacrosse pro

Brody Middle Names
Brody Ayden
Brody Gunner
Brody Jace
Brody Kendrick
Brody William

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  1. brody says:

    people call me d

  2. brodie says:

    brodie patodie

  3. Mckayah Clarke says:

    My younger brothers name is Brody and we call him Bro, Brodster and occasionally Brochacho(like nacho)

  4. Brody aguiar says:

    Awesome crazy funny

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