Origin: Old English

Meaning: “hill, mount”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Brendt, Brennt, Brentan, Brenten, Brentin,
Brentley, Brently, Brenton, Brentt, Brentyn

Brent TV and Movie Quotes:
“Sorry Brent, you can’t park here during peak hours.”
Corner Gas (2004 TV Series)
“Brent, you live in a beautiful shell – go with it.”
Inside Monkey Zetterland (1992)

Famous people named Brent or its variations

1. Brent Michael Kutzle (b. 1985), American musician
2. Brent Mason (b. 1959), American guitarist
3. Brent Ward Jett, Jr. (b. 1958), Captain, USN, NASA astronaut

Brent Middle Names
Brent Donovan
Brent Frederick
Brent Kameron
Brent Michael
Brent Wyatt

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