Origin: English

Meaning: “from Bracca’s town”

Best Nicknames:
Brack, Brax, Braxster, Braxx

Variants and Sound-Alikes
Braxden, Braxley, Braxon, Braxson, Braxston,
Braxtan, Braxten, Braxtin, Braxtyn, Braxxton

Braxton TV and Movie Quotes
First Sergeant Braxton Rutledge, C Troop, Ninth
United States Cavalry. Sergeant Rutledge (1960)
You better go after Braxton first.
Charmed & Dangerous (1987)

Famous people named Braxton or its variations

1. Braxton Marcellus Miller (b. 1992), American football pro
2. Braxton “Brack” Cornett (1841-88), American outlaw
3. Braxton Bragg (1817-76), Confederate Army General

Braxton Middle Names
Braxton Atticus
Braxton Edward
Braxton Grady
Braxton Karl
Braxton Pernell

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