Origin: Irish Gaelic

Meaning: “descendant of Brádach”

Best Nicknames:
Brade, Brayd

Variants and Sound-Alikes
Bradey, Bradie, Braedy, Braidie, Braidy, Braydie

Brady TV and Movie Quotes:
“Very funny Brady, remind me to laugh.”
Days of Our Lives (1965 TV Series)
“It was Brady’s idea, honest to God.”
Silver Bullet (1988)

Famous people named Brady or its variations

1. Brady Smith (b. 1971), American actor
born Patrick Brady Smith
2. Brady Seals (b. 1969), American country singer
3. Brady James Monson Corbet (b. 1988), American actor

Brady Middle Names
Brady Aristotle
Brady Callum
Brady Dylan
Brady Ethan
Brady Wyatt

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