Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Yahweh created”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Benaiah, Beniah, Bera, Beraiah, Berea, Berry

Beriah Book Quotes:
“He treated Beriah with leeches, blisters,
and ‘the blue pill’.” Abolitionist’s Axe (2004)
“The door opened and Beriah walked in.”
The Complete Works of O. Henry (1911)

Famous people named Beriah or its variations

1. Beriah Magoffin (1815-1885), American politician,
21st Governor of Kentucky
2. Beriah Brown (1815-1900), American politician
Mayor of Seattle in 1878-79
3. Beriah Green, Jr. (1795-1874), American abolitionist

Beriah Middle Names
Beriah Albion
Beriah Ezekial
Beriah Lucas
Beriah Orion

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