Origin: Hungarian

Meaning: “conqueror”
as the Hungarian form of Vincent
also, a short form of Benedek

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ben, Bendeguz, Benedek, Benett, Benjamin

Bence Book Quotes:
“Like a certain noble poet, Bence Leyland awoke
one morning and found himself famous.”
Littell’s Living Age, Vol. 156 (1883)
“Bence knew that something was ill.”
Epics of the Hungarian Plain (1976)

Famous people named Bence or its variations

1. Bence Biczó (b. 1993), Hungarian swim champ
2. Bence Istenes (b. 1987), Hungarian TV host
3. Bence Szabó (b. 1962), Hungarian fencing champ

Bence Middle Names
Bence Csaba
Bence György
Bence Sándor

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