Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: “man of iron”

Best Nicknames
Bar, Barz, Zill

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Barzelai, Barzelay, Barzellai, Barzellay,
Barzilai, Barzilay, Barzil’lai, Barzilla, Barzillah,
Barzillay, Brazilla, Brazillai, Barzillia

Barzillai Book Quotes:
“Barzillai loved his son with glowing ardour”
Neglected People of the Bible (1901)
“Barzillah Clyde had ruined my father — and I hated him.”
Fate Throws the Dice (1908)

Famous people named Barzillai or its variations

1. B. Carroll Reece (1889-1961), American politician;
born Brazilla Carroll Reece
2. Barzilla Worth Clark, (1880-1943) 16th Governor of Idaho
3. Barzillai Jefferson Chambers (1817-95), American lawyer,

Barzillai Middle Names
Barzillai Joram
Barzillai Naaman
Barzillai Seth

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