Origin: Greek, Aramaic

Meaning: “son of consolation”

Best Nicknames
Barnie, Barney, Barry, Bear

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Barnabe, Barnabee, Barnabey, Barnabie,
Barnabus, Barnaby, Barnebas, Barnebus,
Bernabe, Bernabe and Burnaby.

Barnabas TV and Movie Quotes:
“I’m going to make an offer to you, Barnabas.” Dark Shadows (2012)
“Why pretend to be bringing messages from Barnabas!” Das Schloss (1988)

Famous people named Barnabas or its variations

1. Barnabas Shaw (1788-1857), missionary in South Africa
2. Barnaby Jones, TV detective played by actor, Buddy Epsen
3. St. Barnabas (d. 61 A.D.), apostle to Antioch and Cyprus
birth name Joseph

Barnabas Middle Names
Barnabas Cullen
Barnabas Gael
Barnabas Knox
Barnabas Saul
Barnabas Russell

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