Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: “virile”
Italian, Portuguese, Spanish form of Arsenios

Best Nicknames:
Senni, Sennio, Senny, Sonny

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Arcenio, Arsen, Arsène, Arsenios, Arsenius, Arseniusz,
Arseni, Arseniy, Arseno, Arzen, Arzenio

Arsenio Book Quotes:
“It was almost a challenge from Arsenio.” A Little
Folding of the Hands to Sleep
“Arsenio could not afford to marry a poor girl, and probably
did not want to marry at all.” Lucinda (1920)

Famous people named Arsenio or its variations

1. Arsenio H. Lacson (1912-62), Filipino journalist, politician
2. Arsenio Hall (b. 1956), American comedian, talk show host
3. Arsénio Paixão Bano (b. 1974), East Timorese politician

Arsenio Middle Names
Arsenio Cesar
Arsenio Domingo
Arsenio Miguel
Arsenio Tomaz

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