Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: “virile”
French form of Arsenios

Best Nicknames:
Senni, Senny, Sonny

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Arcenio, Arsen, Arsenio, Arsenios, Arsenius, Arseniusz,
Arseni, Arseniy, Arseno, Arzen, Arzenio

Arsène Book Quotes:
“Yes, I’m quite finished, thank you, Arsène.”
The Bookseller’s Daughter (2013)
“Henri told Arsène carefully that they did not have
jurisdiction in Turkey.” Other Eyes (2011)

Famous people named Arsène or its variations

1. Arsen Anton Ostojić (b. 1969). Croatian film director
2. Arsene Vigil James (b. 1944), Saint Lucian politician
3. Arsène Houssaye (1815-96), French novelist, poet

Arsène Middle Names
Arsène Fidèle
Arsène Gabriel
Arsène Pierre
Arsène Sauveur

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