Origin: German

Meaning: “brave power”

Best Nicknames
Am, Amo, Ammo, Ammy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Amery, Amor, Amore, Amori, Amorie

Amory Book Quotes:
“Amory, if you don’t sit down I’ll scream.”
This Side of Paradise (1920)
“It would cost a bundle, but Amory could afford it.”
Final Theory (2012)

Famous people named Amory or its variations

1. Amory Bloch Lovins (b. 1947), American physicist
2. Amory Kane (b. 1946), American musician;
given name: Jack Daniel Kane
3. Amory Houghton (1899-1981), American diplomat, businessman

Amory Middle Names
Amory Dane
Amory Garrison
Amory Mannix
Amory Stanford

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