Origin: Old English

Meaning: “elf, magical”
a popular given name in the UK, also a nickname
for Alf- and Alph- names (Alfred, Alphonse, etc.)

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Al, Alf, Alfy

Alfie TV and Movie Quotes:
“It’s ok, Alfie. You’re a thinker, not a fighter.”
Wonder Woman: Hot Wheels (1978)
“Now whats it all about, Alfie? Huh?”
Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004)

Famous people named Alfie or its variations

1. Alfie James Potter (b. 1989), English pro footballer
2. Alfie Evan Allen (b. 1986), English actor
3. Alfie To’oala Vaeluaga (b. 1981), Samoan rugby pro

Alfie Middle Names
Alfie Elijah
Alfie Finlay
Alfie Luke
Alfie Sebastian

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