Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “tree”

Best Nicknames
Ila, Ilie, Lana, Loni, Layna, Laynie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ilanah, Ilaina, Ilane, Ilania, Ilanit, Ileyna, Ilayna

Ilana TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ilana. There she was: hand-picked by Jacob, trained to come
and protect you candidates.” Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo (2010)

Famous people named Ilana or its variations

1. Ilana Dayan-Orbach (b, 1964), Israeli journalist
2. Ilana Sheryl Kloss (b. 1956), South African tennis pro
3. Ilana Raviv (b. 1945), Israeli-American artist

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Ilana Middle Names
Ilana Catherine
Ilana Francesca
Ilana Grace
Ilana Joy
Ilana Phoebe


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