Origin: Greek

Meaning: “God’s honor”

Best Nicknames:
Tim, Timmy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Timmothy, Timofei, Timofeo, Timofey, Timon, Timoteo,
Timothe, Timotheo, Timothey, Timotheus, Tymmothy,
Tymon, Tymoteusz, Tymothy

Timothy TV and Movie Quotes:
“We do not guess, Timothy. Nor do we assume, presume, conjecture
or prognosticate.” NCIS: Truth or Consequences (2009)
“Timmy’s stuck in the well!” Hoodwinked (2005)
“It’s twice the size of Tiny Tim!” Scrooge (1951)

Famous people named Timothy or its variations

1. Timothy David Olyphant (b. 1968), American actor
2. Tim Daly (b. 1956), American actor
born James Timothy Daly
3. Timothy James Bottoms (b. 1951), American actor

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Timothy Middle Names
Timothy Daniel
Timothy Evander
Timothy Michael
Timothy Niall
Timothy Sean


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