Origin: Irish Gaelic

meaning: “king”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rian, Rien, Rion, Ry, Ryen, Ryon, Ryun

Ryan TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ryan, what’s up my man?”¬†The Girl Next Door (2004)
“You like¬†Ryan, and you want my help convincing him to date you.”
The O.C.: The Sleeping Beauty (2006)

Famous people named Ryan or its variations

1. Ryan Frank Cabrera (b. 1982), American singer, musician
2. Ryan James Jarman (b. 1980), English guitarist, singer
3. Ryan John Seacrest (b. 1974), American radio and TV host

Personalized Ryan Tees and Gifts

Ryan Middle Names:
Ryan Christophe
Ryan Keith
Ryan Maurice
Ryan Preston
Ryan Scott


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  1. Richard Andballz says:

    in my opinion the nickname Bryan was created for Ryan

  2. Les Bian says:

    i suggest copping Bryan as a nickname

  3. John says:

    couldnt agree more with all the comments, just stick with Bryan as the best nickname for any Ryan’s out there!:)

  4. Paula says:

    me husbands name is Ryan but we decided to switch it to Bryan, has been going down a treat ever since

  5. Beven says:

    i agree with big dawg! Our sons name is Ryan and everyone calls him Bryan and Brino!!

  6. Ryan says:

    All my best mates call me breezy

  7. Big dawg Ivanovo says:

    Bryan is a rippa nickname for a Ryan

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