Origin: Greek

Meaning: “man’s defender, warrior”

Best Nicknames:
Al, Alec, Alejo, Alek, Alex, Alexi,
Sander, Sandro, Zander

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Alaxander, Alejandro, Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr,
Alesandro, Alessandre, Alessandri, Alessandro, Alexandre,
Alexandro, Alexandros, Alexei, Alexio, Alisander, Alissander,
Alissandre, Alixandre, Alyksandr

Alexander TV and Movie Quotes:
“Alexander, are there other Platonians like you?”
Star-Trek: Plato’s Stepchildren (1966)
“You must never confuse your feelings with your
duties, Alexander.” Alexander (2004)

Famous people named Alexander or its variations

1. Alejandro Rey (1930-87), Argentine actor
Carlos Ramirez on 60s sitcom “The Flying Nun”
2. Alexandre Dumas (1802-70), French author
of “The Three Musketeers” and “Count of Monte
Cristo,” born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie
3. Alec Baldwin, (b. 1958) American actor
born Alexander Rae Baldwin, III

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Alexander Middle Names
Alexander Christopher
Alexander Julius
Alexander Maxwell
Alexander Rolf
Alexander Scott


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